Wonders of Our World

Crisp photography and ample colored illustrations accompany the fascinating text in these books about the varied environments and features in our world. Highly readable text size is great for younger students. Text is not overly simplistic in content, however. Good attention to detail makes them much more exciting and informative and sentence structure is not "dumbed down" as I find to be the case with many books written for lower grade levels. Explore the strata of the ocean and find out how the angler fish attracts its supper. Look at a cutaway of a hurricane and find out what causes tornadoes. Learn about the rock cycle and visit some areas where many rock strata are visible. Watch the island of Surtsey form from an erupting volcano to a life- supporting habitat. Find out what life is like along the San Andreas Fault and view the devastation caused by the earthquakes of 1906 and 1994. Read about people who have adapted to life in the desert and find out how they survive. Find out about plant life in the mountains and learn about the changing environment at different mountain altitudes. There's a wealth of well-written information in every book that is sure to enhance your study.

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