Intro to Simple Machines Sets

Introduce your students to the world of simple machinery with these easy-to-use and fun sets. The Gears set contains 198-pieces and building instructions for seven models including an exercise bike, eggbeater, crank fan and more. Students will learn the principles of gear configurations, gear ratios and much more. A 40-page teacher guide is included on CD and contains lesson plans, activities and black line masters. The Levers & Pulleys set includes 161 pieces and building instructions for 8 models. Concepts include classes of levers, parts of levers, pulley systems and more. The teacher guide CD contains 60 pages of lesson plans, a glossary of terms, and an overview of concepts. The Wheels/Axles & Inclined Planes set packs 221 pieces and building instructions for 6 models. Principles covered include force, resistance and more. The included teacher guide CD contains 39 pages of lesson plans, activities, etc. All sets come in a sturdy plastic storage case with dividers. ~ Megan

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Item # 007989
Grades: 3-6
Our Price: $41.95
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