God Created Series

These coloring books show and tell about God's awesome world, and put creation in perspective for young children. While coloring the pictures, they learn about creatures, nature, etc. from the interesting paragraphs of information (some of the topics are fairly deep and may need extra explanation or definition of words for younger children). On some pages Scripture references are used, showing events from a Biblical viewpoint. There are also 32 colorful stickers, one to match each page of the book. Use them as coloring aids, or just add them to your collection. Note that while the series is Scripture-based, it does present some ideas that are debatable; for example, angels were created on the first day and animals have souls (though the authors describe it as a consciousness different from that of humans). Overall, this series provides fun pictures to color, colorful stickers to use, and great introductory information about God creating everything in the world. Each book is 32 pgs, pb. - Stephanie

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