Hands-On Science Series

If you're looking for a good resource to add hands-on investigations to yourelementary science curriculum, these are excellent. In 64 pages, 62 experimentsin full-color, walk you and your student through the experiment and explainingthe cause. Each page lists the objective at the top, followed by a list of thenecessary materials (all common items you should already have around the houseand kitchen), and a step-by-step procedure. A "Closer Look" explains thereasoning behind the result of the experiment, and any safety tips are includednearby. Suggested amounts of time are given for each of the investigations,rarely exceeding30 minutes, while many can be accomplished in5 minutes or less. Kids will get to perform exciting, but tried-and-testedclassic experiments such as tin can barometers, eggshell geodes, homemadeelectroscopes, lemon submarines, magic ice cubes and more, while learningvaluable science concepts ahead of their time. - Jess

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