Art Book for Children

Artists have many different ideas and styles, and each one offers a new expression of imagination and creativity. Each book explores the works of 30 different artists, challenging children to think "outside the box" about art and notice the unique elements of each work. Here you learn quirky things about the artists and their work like how Raphael included his own face in all of his paintings, or how Kandinsky tried to paint things we can't see or touch, like music. Full-color reproductions are accompanied by short blurbs of interesting text, filled with questions directed at students to help them "discover" the work of art and appreciate its nuances ("what do you think about the person in the painting?" "Do you doodle when you get bored?"). In the back are resources to find out more on the artists. Perfect for a laid back art appreciation resource for a wide age range of children, as younger and older children alike can make insightful observations about the works. This high-quality book features thick, glossy pages. Both are 80 pgs, hc and 10x11.5" - Melissa/Sara

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