True Books: Science Experiments with _____

All True Books are great for making a potentially boring nonfiction topic exciting and relevant, but this series adds a little something extra - a lot of activities! Each of these science topic books presents a subject like plants, rocks & minerals and solids, liquids and gases, exploring each through a combination of short chapters and a variety of experiments simple enough for youngsters to do, with results that are easy to see (and get!). Each chapter introduces a question and each question is answered through the large, easy-to-read, well-written text, which introduces and defines tricky terms, explains scientific concepts, and poses some questions. These questions are answered in turn by the experiments featured in each chapter. These use common, household materials, includes clearly written instructions and pictures to show how to do the experiment and what should happen. The alternating progression of text and experiments allow children to explore concepts that build on each other, working up to more advanced concepts and activities. And, as with all other True Books, the text is livened up with plenty of full-color diagrams, photos, and pictures to keep it interesting. 48 pgs. - Jess

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