Standard Deviants Chemistry

Part 1 (78 minutes) focuses on states of matter, physical properties of matter, atoms, molecules, the Periodic Table, the Metric system, scientific notation, stoichiometry, balancing chemical equations, the Law of Conservation of Mass, atomic and molecular weights, mass, atomic number, isotopes, moles, percent composition, empirical composition, titrations, limiting reagents, and more. Part 2 (71 minutes) picks up with thermochemistry, enthalpy, exothermic and endothermic reactions, Hess' Law, calorimetry, heat capacity, specific heat, atomic structure, quantum mechanics, electron orbitals, quantum numbers, orbital diagrams, chemical bonding, Lewis Structures, the Octet Rule (and exceptions), atomic bonding, ironic bonds, covalent bonds, and bond energy. Part 3 (104 minutes) introduces VSEPR Theory, polarity, hybrid orbitals, molecular orbitals, bond order, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Boyles' Law, Graham's Law, the Ideal Gas Equation, Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures, intermolecular forces, phase diagrams, vapor pressure, solubility, saturation, dilution, mass percent composition, mole fractions, molarity and molality, colligative properties, and much more.

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