Usborne Library of Science Internet-Linked Books

These books are a great way to get your children interested in science, or to feed their already existing curiousity. Each topical book is broken up into smaller categories, and information and statistics are provided along with a discussion of each topic. With colorful pictures, diagrams, and charts, these books will capture attention, and then the small and interesting captions and blurbs of information will hold it. See for Yourself boxes throughout the books give correlating experiments and activities for your children to try. However, the most noticeable feature of these books is that they are internet-linked. While the books can still be used independently because of the good amount of information included right in the book, they also provide Internet sites for further education and research. To visit any of the recommended sites in these books, you simply go to the Usborne Quicklinks website and follow the simple instructions you see there. Each topic has several different Internet sites to supply extra details, fun activities, or colorful pictures. Exploring these Internet sites is a great way for students to be pro-active in their education. ~ Rachel S.

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