Seasonal Window Clings

Window clings aren't just for windows anymore! Use them on any smooth, laminated or glossy surface such as file cabinets, white boards, refrigerators and more! These sheets are 12"x17" and leave no residue and are reusable year after year with proper care. The Fall Leaves has 6 cling leaves and 3 acorn clings with sizes from 2" to 8". The Harvest Scarecrows has 5 clings from 5" to 8". The Suzy's Zoo Spring has 8 clings with characters and 4 with small flowers with sizes from 1" to 6" and the Winter Fun has 4 clings with characters and 9 with snowflakes with sizes from 1" to 10". These all have rich, vibrant colors and will look beautiful anywhere you put them. The Snowflakes have 18 light blue flakes in several styles with sizes from 2"to 5". The Disney Princess set includes Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle, each about 6" tall, as well as about 20 smaller clings like jewels and tiaras to add some dazzle. (All sizes are approximate). ~ Phyllis

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