Exploring the Ancient World

Surprisingly, these books are not about a hidden society of baseball enthusiasts that predated the sport's invention in 1839. Instead, the Exploring the Ancient World series is a collection of books that provide a comprehensive overview of the wondrous early stages of civilization. Topics covered are always presented in the same order. Each culture's origin and relative lifespan are presented in the first chapter, while scientific discoveries or inventions are covered within the second. The third chapter discusses religious beliefs and noteworthy traditions and the fourth gives the reader a glimpse into the life of the average citizen. Depending on the civilization in question, the fifth and sixth chapters will either be dedicated to trade routes, the impact of the culture on the modern world or the circumstances that have led to their disappearance. With full color pages that provide vivid murals, masonry, statuary, painted scenes and photography these books add a wealth of content to a study session or presentation. 48 pgs, pb. 9 x 7 in. ~ Nick

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