Thinking About Science Series

An inexpensive yet thorough look at each of the topics listed below. Thesebooks are set up in an approachable down-to-earth manner. Within each book,subsections are contained and discussed. There are many unique activityassignments for each subsection to further the learning process. For instance,in the Ecology book, you may find a section on Tropical Rain Forests with a fewparagraphs of discussion on that topic. Following the discussion is a page ofnine activities requiring either some research, drawing illustrations ofexplanation, creating posters, or completing a writing assignment, to name afew. Subsections usually contain from 1-3 short paragraphs, 2-6 activities(though some have more), and a few have a follow-up activity such as acrossword puzzle, fill-in-the-blank, word puzzle, etc. contained in the book.At the end of each book is a Jeopardy style game to test student's memory ofall the knowledge discussed throughout the book, and answers to the activitiesand Jeopardy questions are contained in the back. ~ Megan

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