Brown Bag Science

If you're on the lookout for a relatively inexpensive, easy-to-implement, activity-based elementary science books with a little dash of literature study thrown in, these might just be what you're looking for. Each two-page spread in these activity books contains a hands-on activity as well as questions for the student to answer, or a pencil and paper activity for the student to complete based on the "experiment." The experiments are fairly simple and uninvolved (particularly at the first and second grade level), and step-by-step directions as well as a materials list are given. Don't worry about not having the materials necessary either - they are all very common items you probably have around the house, such as pencils, crayons, water, glue, scissors, measuring tape, balloons, yarn, and others. The simple activities are designed to answer the posed question at the top of the page, such as "Are fingerprints special?" which the student explores while completing the activity, in this case by pressing their fingers into a stamp pad to examine their fingerprints, and then comparing theirs with the fingerprints of others. Several suggested books for reading are listed towards the end of the book, followed by several pages of questions and activities based on the reading. Answers to all the activities are included at the back of the book. While geared more towards use with a classroom, as you can tell by the teacher letters to the parents for each experiment, the activities themselves are designed so that they are equally valuable one-on-one or in groups of youngsters. - Jess

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Grades: 3-4
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