ScienceWorks Grades 4-6

A middle school science program designed to teach concepts through the use of practical activities. Each chapter has a teacher information page containing the text for that lesson and what to procure or prepare in advance. Activities were written with classroom groups in mind but can be fitted to the homeschool setting without difficulty. A diagram page is included in each chapter, and both these and the student record sheets are reproducible. The student record sheets are tailored for each activity, with charts and graphs to fill in, questions to answer and conclusions to write up at the end of most activities. The six books in the series touch on main concepts; for example, in The Human Body, the following concepts are emphasized:

  • Cells are the fundamental unit of life
  • Specialized cells protect the body from harmful substances
  • Food follows a path as it is digested
  • Good nutrition provides energy for cell growth and repair.
  • The heart and lungs work together
  • Muscles and bones provide movement and support
  • The nervous system relays messages to and from the brain
  • Parents pass traits to future generations
  • Body systems interact.

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