ScienceWorks Grade K-1

These reproducible books provide hands-on activities to connect science with real life. The activities in each book relate to the National Science Education Standards and provide step-by-step instruction for teachers and students. Each book provides seventeen different concepts included in that book's topic, so teachers can choose the sections their students need to work. Several half-page worksheets are included in each book for students to review what they are learning. The book tells teachers what to say to their students, provides lists of storybooks for each topic, and gives step-by-step directions for fun activities. Examples of activities from Learning about My Body include making a paper skeleton and identifying the major bones, pasting body parts onto a body, and putting objects in a bag and having children guess what they are, using only their sense of touch. The activities are simple and require only a few easy-to-find materials. Each book also includes record sheets, logbook sheets, and picture cards. 80 pgs. ~ Rachel S.

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