Look Inside the Human Body / Uncover the Human Body

Both of these excellent books take the reader on a three-dimensional journey through the human body, layer by layer. Although both contain nearly the same information, there are differences in how it's presented. Uncover the Human Body is "built" around a 3-D plastic model of the body, and each time you flip a page, you are also flipping a clear plastic "shell" with a layer of the model. For example, a turn of the first page lifts off the front of the skull and the ribs, allowing you to see the bones and body systems underneath. Look Inside the Human Body is designed in a similar fashion, but the central human body model is constructed of printed cardboard and the pieces of the model are attached to the pages with narrow tabs, making it seem to "float" in the center of the book. Informational text, labeled diagrams and illustrations surround the model on every page, providing the reader with some basic facts on the featured body structure. And one of the neatest things is that both books are designed so as you turn pages, the body model "rebuilds" itself on the left-hand side. When you are at the end of the book, you see the complete model again from the back! It's a very neat concept and adds that extra "wow" factor for young readers learning about the human body. - Jess

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