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These books are an excellent resource for teachers who need ideas for educational and worthwhile science experiments. Each book is broken down into several sub-sections to make learning more organized. For example, the Physical Science book gives in-depth science background for 3 different content areas - physics, chemistry, and technology. This information provides teachers with the data children should learn while doing the featured experiments. Dozens of experiments are then provided. The books first tell the purpose of each experiment and the materials needed. Then they give reproducible step-by-step instructions for completing the experiments, and charts to fill in the results. Review questions are also given to test students’ understanding. The experiments can be adapted to several grade levels and learning styles. The materials (including equipment and supplies) required for each experiment are appropriate for a small group or an individual. Most of the items you will need to complete the experiments are inexpensive and easy to locate. Included in these books are practical tips for planning both guided and inquiry-based experiments. Web sites are recommended throughout the book to aid teachers with explanations, and literature selections with annotated bibliographies are also suggested for the student to read. With this resource, students are engaging in science through print, media, and scientific investigations, which helps them to understand the world of science. ~ Rachel

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