My Treasury of Centuries

Flexible for all ages, this unique blank, timeline book covers 4004 BC through 2000 AD. In the beginning, there are 7 days dedicated to 4004 BC, followed by a page for the sin of Adam and Eve, birth of Seth, and Enoch, through Noah building the ark and the flood. The dates are listed as approximate in this section. Following these early Biblical pages, the timeline picks up at 2200 BC and offers one page per 100 years until 1600 AD. From 1600-1900 AD there are 2 pages per 100 years and the year 2000 AD has 4 dedicated pages. Worth mentioning, the BC dating on the header could easily be crossed out and replaced with a pre-historic dating. Following this timeline, the next 70 plus pages is dedicated to a continent or culture study, with suggested content for completing. Personalization is key. Designed to be your treasury, with simple guidance to start, you can freely allow your children to create a personal study record! The end of the book includes a place to record famous quotes, books read, field trips, pictures or any miscellaneous experiences to journal their personal learning! Since you are in control of the journey, this is a wonderful asset to your literature-based studies, unit studies or history curriculum. Available in 2 sizes. 162-165 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne

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