Causes & Effects History Series

Why did we purchase the Louisiana Territory? Why did we expand west? What was the War of 1812? How did these things help create the country we know today? This series of 32-page books will answer the questions of why and what caused events, and then tell you the effects of the events. For example, purchase of the Louisiana Territory was caused by the U.S. need for a river route and fear that France would take control of trade routes, and Napoleon no longer needed Louisiana for his purposes but needed money to finance an invasion on Britain. The effects of the Louisiana Purchase were that Americans could now explore and expand westward, increased power of the federal government to gain territory and borrow money, a changed way of life, and forcing the issue of slavery to be dealt with. The books include pictures, maps, and illustrations for visual understanding, and a glossary with additional resources for your young history buff. ~ Donna

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