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Nearly identical in content to the Math Detective, this software brings a few extras to the series. Treated more as a game, I really like that "cases," or reading selections, remain on screen for easy reference while the player answers comprehension questions about the reading. Help (in the form of a hint button) is available for each question although there is a penalty towards your score for using the hint. When a case is "closed," responses are automatically scored, and explanations are available for any wrong answers. Players are motivated to finish all 40 cases by trying to achieve new detective ranks and eventually becoming 4-Star Master Math Detectives. Arcade tokens are also awarded for sufficiently high scores and can be used to play 3 different arcade games. One negative about the software, at least in my opinion, is that if you do not solve a case correctly the first time, the same comprehension questions are used when you retry the case. ~ Anh

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Item # 012324
Grades: 7-AD
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