Multi-Function Creative Station Laminator

You may never realize how useful it is to have a laminator in your home...until you have a laminator in your home! Xyron is a well-known name among crafters. You can make stickers, magnets, scrapbook stuff, cards, frames and a lot more with the variety of cartridges available. Think of the possibilities in your homeschool! Make consumable items reusable by laminating them and using a dry-erase marker: math worksheets, spelling tests, anything you would want to have younger children reuse. How about directions to games or flashcards that get a lot of use? Items from travels or student artwork can last longer. Laminate recipes and they can be wiped off if spilled on. I used to cut out pictures from magazines, glue them to construction paper and use them for writing or speaking prompts in my French classroom. I got quite a collection and would give students a few of my fabulous photo cards and have them write a paragraph incorporating all three.

There are different types of laminators and this one does not use heat or even electricity. You insert the cartridge you want to use, place your item to run through and turn the crank handle. It comes out all sealed up. It comes with 25' of permanent, acid-free Double-Sided laminate, 9" wide. I love that the cartridges are easy to change out and that it's totally portable.

Repositionable and Permanent cartidges are both for making stickers. This is a great option for those of you who make lapbooks or scrapbooks. The Magnetic roll can turn any printed item into a magnet. Think of learning letters, phonics, spelling words or even math problems on a cookie sheet or other magnetic surface. Make gifts like frames for family and friends as a thank you. Double-sided is what comes with the machine originally (a 25' roll is included). I would call this a "regular" refill cartridge. Each refill is 9" x 40' except for the magnetic roll which is only 10' long. ~ Sara

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