One-Minute Math Drills

Get ready for some hustle! These reproducible drill books mean business. They include flash cards, game sheets, progress charts, placement test, pretest, post-test, forty drill pages and scoring keys. The placement test should be taken to determine if your child is ready for this level. Most of the drill pages concentrate on a particular fact. They contain 30 problems, 40% of which are the fact being reinforced. The fact learned in the last set is presented again in 10% to 20% of the problems. Previously learned facts make up the rest of the set. Test pages contain an equal distribution of facts practiced in the previous sets. For example, the Multiplication Level B book contains drill sheets for each fact from 6 x 2 through 9 x 10. After all 6-factor drills are taken and passed, students take the 6-factor test before progressing to the 7-as-a-factor drills. Students must complete all problems on a sheet accurately in one minute before advancing to the next fact. This is a very fact-intensive approach that should help students get those facts down cold.

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