Xyron 9 Laminator and Refills

Home laminating has never been so easy! Newly redesigned in 2017, this great laminator is now even more compact, taking up only 4.75"x12" of desk space. It still uses no electricity, batteries, or heat; simply put the item you wish to laminate on the tray and rotate the handle. Items can be up to 8.5" wide and 2mm thick. The item is fed through the laminator, which permanently attaches a transparent sheet to both sides of the item. Once the entire item is completely covered, you slide the blade across the laminate and your project is complete! You can also use scissors to trim around the item if you wish. The adhesive on the laminate sheets is very strong so you don't have to worry about the sheets peeling apart; the laminating is professional looking and high quality. Refilling the laminate cartridge is so easy even I could do it, and one refill cartridge supplies 40 feet of laminating to cover plenty of projects. One permanent adhesive laminate cartridge is included with the Laminator (15' top/bottom), and we offer additional refill cartridges separately. This is a great quality Xyron® brand laminator, perfect for all your laminated needs. Cartridges have not changed and will still work with the new redesigned item. ~ Sara

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Item # 040268
Grades: AD
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Our Price: $16.44
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