Math Sleuth Games

Finding a fun new way to practice math facts can make all the different in loving or hating the subject. This little kit includes all types of thinking puzzles to put math skills to the test. Each kit includes 32 activity cards, an 80-page activity pad, and an 80-page graph pad. There are several ways to use the contents of this kit.

Children become a math sleuth by choosing one of the activity cards. Each card is a case to be solved using math skills. For example, Case #15 needs you to find a fake diamond. One of Mrs. Wellington's diamonds has been replaced by the fake, and by doing a series of multiplication problems, you will find the fake. Solve each of 9 multiplication problems on the graph paper provided, and the one without a match is the fake. A challenge option is presented at the bottom of each case for additional practice. In this case the challenge asks you to choose a diamond from the card and write an addition and subtraction problem that has the same answer. Bonus games are also found on the reverse of each card.

The 80-page activity pad provides even more practice with math puzzles. Children might be asked to find pairs of numbers with a commonality, find sets of numbers that equal the same sum, do math problems and then find the answer hidden in a puzzle, or use your math skills to crack a code.

All of this comes neatly packaged in a folder-style holder which makes this a great item to pack up and take with you. Children won't feel like they are practicing multiplication, fractions, geometry, or time and money, they will just think they are having fun as they crack each case as a 'Math Sleuth.' ~ Donna

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