Foundation for Freedom Revised

Changing its name to emphasize the fact that the U. S. Constitution is the underlying support for all of our freedoms, Christian Liberty has re-published its excellent constitutional study which is based on two classics – The Story of the Constitution and The Story of a Great Document. There are three basic parts after the introduction – 1) historical background (the context in which the Constitution was formed), 2) detailed analysis of the original Constitution and amendments (with its original spelling, punctuation, and capitalization preserved), and 3) a broad evaluation of the Constitution (so we don't miss the forest by looking at the trees). Workbook chapters, with full-color illustrations, include a set of review exercises (a combination of multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions). The text is enjoyably readable and peppered with interesting sidebar information; the use of pen names by those who supported or did not support the ratification of the Constitution, as an example. Occasional timelines show the relationship between key constitutional events and continue from its beginnings to its recent past (President Trump’s impeachment). Comparing this to the previous edition, there are minimal revisions to cover issues related to the Trump administration. The full text of the Constitution and its Amendments is included as an appendix along with an index and bibliography.

The Quiz and Test Packet provides both a testing schedule and consumable copies of accompanying quizzes and tests for the course. There is a quiz and a test for every one (or sometimes two) chapter(s), as well as a Final Exam which covers the last six chapters. Answers for both the quizzes and the tests are provided in the back. The "just-enough" Teacher Manual includes some general course observations and a recommended schedule. Information for each chapter includes a chapter summary, key points to emphasize, suggestions for additional student activities, and topics for extra reading as well as answers to the review questions. Worktext is 320 pgs, pb. ~ Janice/Deanne

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