Focus on Math

The title sums up this series - twenty-four workbooks, each focusing on a specific skill. This series would be a great reinforcement and test prep for core math content, or serve as extra practice for the student having difficulty. They provide from 24 to 32 pages for each targeted skill and are somewhat like the “Key To” series, but for younger kids. Students will progress from one to three digit addition and subtraction in level C to multi-step word problems in level F. An 8-page answer key provides pretests and post tests so you can gauge your student’s progress. These tests are reproducible for classroom or family use. It also provides answers to the pretest, post, test and workbook pages. Manipulatives for suggested use are base-ten blocks, fraction strips, a variety of measuring devices, and centimeter cubes. They also tell you how you can make your own fractions strips and a few ways you can use the tools. You can’t go wrong with extra practice at this price. ~ Donna

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