We Can Do It! Character Education

As parents, we want our children to develop good character, but somehow telling them the same thing over and over again doesn't seem to make a difference. Children need not only repetition, but also positive reinforcement and visual reminders. Designed to reinforce positive behavior and character at home and in school, these laminated chart sets will help provide the necessary reinforcement. Positive traits included in the Character Education set include being helpful, honesty, kindness, courage, including others, following rules, forgiveness, responsibility, sharing, good deeds, being a good sport and a good listener, showing respect, "stop and think" and using good manners. While the Character Education set is practical for all kids preschool and up, there is a separate Preschool Behavior Chart that focuses on those behaviors specific to younger children including using manners while others are talking, clean up, keeping hands to self, cover when coughing, getting along with others, listening ears, playground manners, raising hand, sharing, staying seated, table manners, waiting turn, walk not run, inside voice and saying please and thank you. Whichever chart you choose, you will receive a 15 ½"x 22 ½" laminated chart, 15 colorful, plastic interchangeable tasks, 90 plastic stars with Velcro© and coloring/activity sheets to reinforce behavior. The charts are designed so that you focus on 6 traits at a time with up to 15 students. The laminated charts sets are quality made in the U.S. and will last for several years, making them practical for home and pre-school/school use. ~ Deanne

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