Targeting Math Series

This series is full of ready-to-use activities that meet national and state standards for specific math skills. The focus here is to provide extra practice to help students achieve accuracy in math. The books are divided into units which cover a specific concept. Within that unit you will find objectives, math terms, reproducible pages, assessments, and answer keys.

Geometry covers two dimensional shapes, three dimensional shapes, position, mapping, graphs, chance, and data. Activities become progressively more challenging with higher grade levels.

Measurement includes area, capacity, volume, length, mass, and time for all grades. Grades 3-4 also cover angles. English and metric measures are both used in all three books.

Numeration & Fractions has practice for counting and number order up to 1000 in grades 1-2. Opportunities for calculator use and practice with estimation and fractions are also included. Grades 3-4 includes practice with numbers up to 999,999, estimation, place value, calculators, fractions, and decimal fractions. Grades 5-6 have activities which cover the same topics as grades 3-4 along with number systems, common fractions and percentages.

Operations & Number Patterns for grades 1-2 provides practice in addition and subtraction to 20, beginning multiplication and division, and number facts and patterns. Grades 3-4 have more practice of the same topics, including multiplication of two digits by two digits and three digits divided by one digit. Grades 5-6 include practice of basic operations, but also have practice with square roots, integers, order of operation and much more.

If you want practice in these targeted areas, Targeting Math may be a good fit for you. These books could be used as a review of skills, for remediation, or just additional practice. ~ Donna

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