Master Skills Math

If you really like the Total Math series but could do without the standardized test practice that comes with each workbook, then Master Skills Math is exactly what you need. Using the same scope and sequence and even identical practice pages, this series contains only the practice portion of Total Math. The activities in these colorfully illustrated, reproducible workbooks are organized by topic with periodic review interspersed throughout. In earlier grades, activities consist of a nice mix of hands-on tasks, such as coloring, cutting, and printing, as well as various practice exercises, like puzzles, riddles, and matching. For later grade levels, practice of basic skills focuses more on computation and problem-solving. Simple instructions and examples may be provided, but instruction is pretty limited. The goal of this series is basic skills practice and mastery as opposed to instruction. However, there are some teaching suggestions in each book. One last plus for this series is that the reduced-page answer key makes grading a breeze. 128 pgs. ~ Anh

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