Investigate & Discover Geometry

This unique series is written to be used with the Math VU Mirror (sold separately). Students will practice geometric concepts using these exercises: Grades 1-3, primary, will do lines of symmetry, completing symmetry, motion geometry, congruent figures, sorting figures, and some puzzles just for fun. Students will use the mirror to explore the idea of symmetry with drawings, shapes, word problems, riddles and more.

Grades 4-6, junior, will cover lines, angles, segments, symmetry, triangles, quadrilaterals and motion geometry. Students use the mirror at this level to connect lines, measure angles and find lines of symmetry in quadrilaterals.

Grades 7-9, intermediate, reinforces and teaches construction applications in triangles, congruency, symmetry, polygons, motion geometry. The Math VU mirror is used to do more challenging problems at this level.

Each book begins with an explanation of how to use the Math VU mirror and ends with a tracking sheet for the student. This allows you to keep up with your child’s success record. Each exercise has easy-to-follow instructions and could probably be completed with little adult interaction. There are between 45 and 50 exercises in each book; pages are reproducible for classroom or family use. I’ve never seen anything quite like this program, but I have had a lot of fun trying it out. The Math VU mirror and Investigate & Discover Geometry series would be an interesting addition to any math program. ~ Donna

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Grades: 1-9
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