Geoboards & Activities

These plastic geoboards are brightly colored and sturdy. The 9" x 9" board features 121 pins, arranged in an 11 x 11 pin grid (numbered 0-10.) The reverse side features 137 pins arranged in alternating rows of 10 and 11. This arrangement allows for the easy formation of triangles, hexagons, etc.The 6" x 6" board has a 25-pin grid on one side, and a circle on the opposite side with one pin in each corner of the board (outside the circle) and one pin in the center of the circle.The geoboards are available in a variety of colors, and if you order more than one, we will assort. ~ Rachel P.

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Item # 042606
Grades: PK-5
Retail: $2.83
Our Price: $2.15
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