Lessons for Healthy Living

Have you ever taken a serious look at where you are getting your health advice? As Christians, our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. In light of this, are you nourishing your body, soul and spirit? In this 24 module DVD series, Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazim, teach and inspire individuals to take responsibility of our personal health and wellness. Using Old Testament scriptures along with recent research, Drs. Hazim offer teaching on the foundation that the Bible has all of the answers we need to live a long, healthy life.

Beginning with an overview welcome, you will be introduced to the 'why' behind the conference and the paradigm shift necessary in our typical American experience to get healthy Biblically. Topics covered include: the disease economy (disease is seen as a big business and not health driven); becoming a health Berean by learning to recognize deception in our culture; decision making through a Biblical Worldview; Fruit of the Spirit and deadly habits; ethical omnivores; ABCs of nutrition; differentiating hunger from cravings; learning how to read (and understand!) food labels; quality food supplements; food combining; exercise; sleeping tips; excellent communication skills; vaccines and microbiome systems; detoxification and much more.

Each module lecture runs 20-30 minutes in length and is presented clearly and engagingly with graphic illustrations. While the DVDs are stand-alone, there is a CD-Rom PDF workbook also available. With nearly 700 pages, this workbook provides introductory material for the homeschool parent/teacher, a lesson scheduler (35 wks), time log for documentation, wellness action plan sheet, note-taking pages to assist student in organizing thoughts for the end of unit essays, module transcripts with personal reflection questions, journaling pages, praise report pages, scripture memorization projects, a digging deeper section for each module (quick questions, report/essay assignments, and extra reading/research suggestions), and more.

Purchase of the 10- DVD set includes free online membership to Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0 Online which includes online streaming, downloadable MP3 audios, pdf. downloads of all teaching slides (illustrations), bonus teachings and updates.

This course provides a solid alternative to the current contemporary thought on healthy living-all from a Biblical dietary perspective. Philosophically, you will note similarities to Dr. Rex Russell's classic book, "What the Bible says about Healthy Eating" (item #42451) and The Maker's Diet from Jordan Rubin. My only caution is that the authors promote fasting for multiple consecutive days. While I see spiritual and physical value in this worthwhile endeavor, individuals will want to check with their health care providers before pursuing a fast of this magnitude. ~Deanne

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