On Track! Organizer System

As our children grow, teaching and reinforcing excellent moral character and responsible behavior becomes even more imperative, especially if our goal is to fully equip them for adulthood. Identifying six key areas of growth for our young people, this system has been designed specifically for the middle school student ("tweens," as they are often called). Parents may also find this system can successfully impact older students who need more reinforcement. The focus areas of growth are responsibility, accountability, increased self-esteem, improved organizational skills, positive behavior and money management. An included instructional guide offers parents the tools necessary for successful implementation in the home. The first section covers responsibility and guides you through setting up family rules, a master chore list, check list/assigning point value, and creating a point register to track points earned. With the point register, parents can elect to provide their children an allowance or the ability to earn extra privileges. The second section guides you through setting up the behavioral component and includes a behavioral self-assessment, behavioral contract, and self-reflection sheets. Activity sheets are reproducible for family use. Weekly family meetings are encouraged, and tips for success are provided. The value of these family meetings cannot be overstated. In the words of Henry Ford, "Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success," which is applicable not only in the business world but becomes imperative for our family and home. The system also includes a two-toned canvas organizational caddy, available in your choice of either blue or brown. The caddy is designed to hang and measures approximately 24" x 29.5" with pockets for storing dry erase markers, two daily check lists, the master chore list, point/allowance registers, and the family rules sign, all of which are included. Master chore list, daily check lists and family rules measure 8 ½" x 11" and are laminated for dry-erase use. Check lists are brightly colored with older student appeal. Enough materials for one to two students are provided. The system worksheets are also available without the caddy for families desiring a basic, usable system. Additional checklists are available for families with more than two children. Easy to use and individualize for your family situation, families will find this a worthwhile resource for developing responsible behavior in their pre-teens and teens.

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