Pattern Block Books

These binders provide grade-appropriate activities to be used with any standard set of pattern blocks; activities that will make students think, not just answer questions. Each book begins with an explanation of how to use the book, how to use pattern blocks, and a list of things to observe in the student. The books are divided into sections by concepts.

Primary (K-3), contains reinforcement activities for matching shapes, filling shapes, patterns, symmetry & motion, tessellations, perimeter, area, fractions, and additional challenges and games. Almost 200 reproducible activity cards cover the many concepts. Each section begins with teacher notes and answers to selected questions. Grades 4-6 and 6-8, students cover the concepts of polygons and problem solving, patterns and tessellations, perimeter, area, fractions, symmetry and motion geometry. At this level there are over 100 pages of thinking pattern block exercises. We usually associate pattern blocks with young children, but don't be fooled! These are really challenging exercises.

Pattern blocks aren't included with these binders. However, in the back of each of them are pages of printed patterns that you can copy onto colored paper and cut apart as an inexpensive alternative. The 3-ring notebook format makes use and copying much easier. The activity card pages are printed on thicker paper, so they will hold up. This is another great product that would enhance any math program. ~ Donna

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Grades: K-3
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