Glimmerize It Art Kits

These little kits, by the same manufacturer as the Glimmer Body Art Tattoo Kits, are designed to add flair to clothes, décor, accessories or your skin. A bit different than the tattoo kits, these use sticky transfers instead of stencils and glue. Just cut out the design transfer you like, apply to a clean and dry surface, brush on the included glitter, remove any excess and admire the sparkly design. You can apply transfers and glitter to fabric, plastic, metal, glass or skin. The designs are fairly waterproof (cold water) and stretchable for use on fabric, but they are removable with warm water or by running the fabric through a wash cycle. Each kit includes a sheet of single-use design transfers (about 8-10), three 1-gram bags of glitter and a brush. Notebooks, tote bags, jeans, headbands, bangles, belt buckles, vases... is any surface safe from being glimmerized?

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Item # 056021
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $3.00
Our Price: $1.73
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