Family Math

Designed as a resource book for parents to reinforce math concepts at home, this flagship book concentrates on hands-on learning and applying math skills in everyday life for the K-6 grade set. Families learn together and work up some excitement for math in the "real world". Math topics include word problems, logical reasoning, measurement, geometry, spatial thinking, probability, statistics, calculators, estimation and more. Includes many games and reproducible charts and a list of required skills for each grade level K-6. Family Math II follows the same format and targets the same grade range as the original book, providing additional activities on the same range of topics.

Family Math for Young Children specifically targets the four- to eight-year olds with many hands-on exploration activities to acquaint children with number and math concepts. Intended for home use, the emphasis is on comparing via enjoyable discovery-based exercises. Each activity page includes: concepts covered (This is About), materials needed, preparation, activity instructions, and tips for you as teacher.

Family Math: The Middle School Years directs instruction to the 5th-8th grader. Activities still use an investigative approach, but require a deeper level of thought as children analyze, record and draw conclusions about mathematical situations. The book is divided into two basic sections, Algebraic Reasoning and Number Sense. Activities include concept explanation, materials needed, instructions, and application. As with the lower-level books, this program is meant to be used at home with family participation. This is an excellent hands-on program; a rare commodity at this grade.

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