KEVA Stunt Derby

This is not your typical pinewood derby. Why? 'Cause there's stuff to crash into at the end! Give your stunt car a custom design with 34 decals, paint, and a paintbrush. (Paint colors are yellow, black, white, and red). Set up the course mat, build a tower out of the included 50 Keva planks, and put your car on the launcher. Pull that rubber band back... Keep stretching...Now, let go! Watch your stunt car crash into whatever structure you've built and see how many points you can rack up at the end. To go head-to-head, get the extra Car & Launcher set. It has a patriotic theme and includes: the stunt car and launcher, 16 stickers, 4 colors of paint (red, white, blue, and black), and a paint brush. Let the demolition competitions begin! -Chad

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