Abeka Health Grade 5

This 8-week health course emphasizes health and wellness while studying nutrition, the circulatory system, respiratory system, and physical exercises. Hygiene, courteous behavior, God-glorifying attitudes, and spiritual warfare conclude the course. Colorfully illustrated, the student textbook includes readings, chapter comprehension and self assessment questions, and end of chapter questions. A colorful atlas of the human body is also included, along with a glossary of terms. The text answer key includes all text questions with answers.

The homeschool curriculum lesson plans include detailed, day-by-day lesson plans, teaching tips, bible memorization and other enrichment ideas for science (27 weeks) and health (8 weeks). Lessons are scheduled 5 days per week, 20-30 minutes per day, although this is flexible. Planning calendars and progress report forms are also included. Quizzes (6), tests (4) and worksheets (11) are found in the non-reproducible quiz, test and worksheet book. Answers are found in the separate quiz, test, and worksheet answer key. The Homeschool Health Grade 4-6 Teaching Charts are optional and scheduled in the curriculum lesson plans. The brightly colored and double-sided charts measure 8 ½” x 11”. Perforated for ease of use, the double-sided charts (one side labeled with the flip side unlabeled), cover the food pyramid, the structure of a tooth, skin, and body systems. Charts are used in grades 4, 5 and 6, making this a great value for families. If you plan to use them for consecutive years, you may wish to place them in page protectors for improved durability.

For your convenience, Science and Health Child and Parent Kits are available. Both are recommended for successful teaching. The parent kit includes the Homeschool Science and Health 5 Curriculum Lesson Plans, Investigating God's World Answer Key, Test Key, and Quiz and Worksheet Key, and the Enjoying Good Health Answer Key and Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key. The child kit includes the Investigating God's World textbook and test book, and the Quiz and Worksheet Book and the Enjoying Good Health textbook, and the Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book.

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