Kindergarten Color Math

Not just the "color" version of Kindergarten Basic Math, this curriculum uses a slightly different scope and sequence as well as revised materials. The curriculum set includes a teacher's manual, a workbook, and a resource packet. The teacher's manual contains 160 lesson plans with substantially enhanced teaching instructions for each lesson. It is also easier to identify workbook pages and materials needed for lessons due to newly added illustrations. The workbook still has a neat, uncluttered appearance, but there are more exercises per workbook page. There are also more lessons with corresponding workbook practice. Bright colors and fun illustrations definitely make this workbook more appealing than the original. The resource packet includes several sets of precut cards, laminated game boards, number lines, charts, and posters. Games, which practice following directions as well as counting skills, have also been incorporated. This program also makes better use of geoboard activities. Reproducing designs on a geoboard is not only fun, but it also helps develop visual discrimination skills. Covering much the same content as Kindergarten Basic Math, this version also includes measurement using non-standard units, fractions (halves), and slightly more advanced subtraction (12 - 7 vs. 9 - 2) although both kindergarten programs teach addition up to 18.

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