BJU Press Math Grade 6 (4th Ed.)

Studying math concepts through a biblical lens, this academically rigorous program by Bob Jones University engages students to learn new math concepts through a variety of avenues. There are also several revisions in this new edition. Special lessons that emphasize STEM related topics are featured in a few chapters. Each chapter begins with an essential question such as “How can we use geometry to describe the world around us?” and is answered at a later point. A short, open-ended question called “Math Talks” has been added to foster critical thinking skills. Biblical worldview themes have been highlighted to help students learn to apply a strong biblical worldview of math to real-world problems. Different teaching strategies have also been added to the teacher guide to provide variety within the lessons. Instructional materials for the course include the Student Edition, Teacher Editions Part 1 & 2, Assessments, and Assessment Answer Key. These items are sold in a homeschool kit or can be purchased separately.

Each lesson in the softcover Student Edition covers about 2 pages, and provides explanation, example problems, and exercises. Students complete the problems on a separate sheet of paper in this nonconsumable textbook. Chapters end with a chapter review and cumulative review. Daily reviews for each lesson are in the back of the book. These exercises review concepts previously taught.

The spiral-bound Teacher Editions are divided into semesters. All materials needed are listed at the beginning of the lesson. Chapters begin with objectives, list of skills taught, and a chapter essential question. Every lesson involves discussion (Engage), direct instruction or activities (Instruct), student work (Apply), and a quiz or test (Assess) after some lessons. Detailed lesson plans make it very easy for the parent to use. A reduced copy of the student edition is included with answers and solutions to word problems and other math procedures are included in the Solutions section. Instructional Aids are in the back. provides homeschool parents with digital resources corresponding to the teacher guide as well as a digital scheduler and gradebook. provides video lessons and additional practice for major concepts.

Lightly bound Assessments include all quizzes and tests. Directions on when to administer the quiz or test are at the bottom of each page. Quizzes contain about 12-15 problems while chapter tests vary. Assessments are nonreproducible. The Assessment Key includes a copy of the test/quiz with answers.

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