BJU Press Math Grade 3

Continues the use of manipulatives to introduce multiplication, division, common fractions, and decimal fractions. Practices and extends addition and subtraction skills, basic geometry, measurement, time, and money. Additional activities include estimating, calculator skills, and problem-solving. National Park theme.

In keeping with the Bob Jones' tradition of excellence, this program just got better. Math 3 has undergone a complete revision. The Student Worktext includes some new skills such as circle graphs, line plots, probability; mastery of addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts through 10; place-value of 5- and 6-digit numbers; adding and subtracting 5-digit numbers, multiplying 3-digit factors, and an introduction to long division; and geometry. The new Teacher's Edition sports a question-and-answer format rather than the old paragraph format. It has also been reduced to a single volume and includes the Teacher's CD. The Teacher's CD holds visuals, enrichment pages, fact reviews, reproducible pages, answers to review pages, and bulletin board ideas. Math 3 Reviews now have a two-page review for each lesson along with a 2-page chapter review, and a 2-page cumulative review. Tests and Answer Keys contain 2-page tests and follow the format of the Student Worktext. The Teacher's Visual Packet and Student Manipulatives Packet are updated with new art and colors. ~ Donna

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