BJU Press Math - Elementary

A solid, thorough math curriculum at all levels. Concepts are taught at the concrete level in the elementary grades, with heavy use of manipulatives in the early grades (card stock manipulatives included).

Teacher editions have complete lesson plans, answers to text problems, manipulative instruction, and many suggestions for presenting and enriching the concepts covered in each lesson. Bob Jones supplies student worktexts through the 5th grade level. This is welcome news for those who have students who like color pages and are not ready to transfer work to their own paper. Starting in grade 6, softcover texts offer minimal space for writing. Students will need a separate notebook at these levels. One of the strengths of the BJU Press program is the teaching of concepts, rather than the rote approach. Christian principles, character traits, and practical application of math concepts are integrated throughout the program. Lessons are “spiraled”, meaning topics are reviewed throughout each level, delving a little deeper each time. Lesson exercises consist of practice for that lesson, not a review of previous lessons or chapters; they reappear in more complexity throughout the course, allowing the student ongoing practice.

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