Abeka Health Grade 2

Reviewing previously learned materials, Health, Safety and Manners 2 teaches the basics of health and safety including nutrition, good posture, exercise, sleep, hygiene, dental care, and what is expected when visiting the physician. Also covered are safe habits in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as gun safety, fire safety, and additional safe practices inside and outside the home. The course concludes with basic manners, from everyday interaction courtesies to being kind and showing respect. Designed to be read together, health lessons may take 25 minutes, and is scheduled 3 days per week. It is a 7-week course.

Components at this level include the student reader, teacher guide, combined homeschool curriculum lesson plans for history, science and health, the history, science and health activity book (available bound or unbound), history, science & health book answer key, and the history, science, & health homeschool teaching charts. The publisher recommends all resources for a comprehensive study, although homeschool families may choose to only use some components with success.

The consumable, soft cover student reader contains age-appropriate readings, brightly colored illustrations and activity pages. Activities range from fill-in-the-blank to short answer questions, and health habit check lists. The spiral bound teacher edition includes the student reader with teaching notes in the side margins. Teaching notes include oral reading and discussion notes, and comprehension questions (with answers). Activity pages include answers filled in. Additional teaching notes and resources are found in the back of the teacher edition, for example: the scope and sequence and daily plans with preparation and teaching procedure notes.

Lesson plans include expanded daily lessons for history, science and health, along with a schedule for art and music (sold separately). Thursday and Friday are dedicated art or music days. If you elect not to add in art or music, these days become flexible, so use them for field trips or catch-up days! Additional resources include the consumable activity book that offers a variety of worksheets. Coloring and labeling activities, word puzzles and mazes, and fill in the blanks are a sampling of what is included. The activity book answer key contains the student activity pages with answers filled in. Optional, but scheduled in the lesson plans are colorful, sturdy cardstock teaching charts to help children visualize the geography, science and health concepts studied. Charts are double sided, with a total of 20 visual aids ranging from landforms and US/World maps to life cycles, anatomy and the solar system, and nutrition and meal planning resources. Also includes perforated cut outs that are used alongside some lessons. Teaching charts measure 8 ½” x 11”.

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