Cursive Connections

If you have a student struggling with cursive or if you just want to spend some time exclusively on cursive to get it right, then this is the series for you. The workbooks are fairly basic, focusing just on cursive - including how to form letters correctly, when and when not to connect letters, proper slant and hand position, when to use the overstroke, understroke, side swing, and different starting positions and more. Starting with the simpler letters to write, lots of examples are given showing the number and direction of strokes, correct and incorrect examples (and explaining why), and lots of room for practice. Tracing is not involved, but letters are broken down into pieces so students can follow along easily. There is a great deal of emphasis on correctly connecting the letter to itself and other letters. As each letter is learned, it is employed in the following lesson in connection with the new letter of the day. These books build up skills very gradually, starting with lower case and following with uppercase - explaining when and how the two should be blended. The first book in the series deals with letters, letter connections and simple words, and by the second book students have worked up to longer words and phrases. Build up your child's confidence in their cursive right along with their skills with these workbooks. ~ Megan

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