American Scientific Ant Habitats

Observe the behavior and patterns of your very own ant colony with the Ant Habitat kits. The clear plastic habitats are filled with blue translucent gel that makes a perfect home for ants to tunnel through. With these ant habitats, discover the ways ants’ tunnel, work together, and behave, right from your home. Take an even closer look using the magnifying glass! No need for additional food or water, the gel provides it all! You can reuse the gel multiple times by rinsing between colonies, and you can purchase replacement gel when gel is unusable. Keep ant habitat at room temperature and out of direct sun. Lift the lid to give your ants a breath of fresh air occasionally, but be careful not to let them escape while doing so. Note: ants are not included in kits. You can collect your own or follow the information provided in the kits on where to purchase ants. ~Sarah E

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