My Best Handwriting

This series is designed to teach handwriting skills in a very quick-paced, systematic manner. Although there are only four books in the series, this program covers the range of pre-writing activities through contemporary cursive. Book 1 covers manuscript and follows a two-page layout for every letter. The first page focuses on developing a fluid writing movement by tracing and copying the letter while the second page has a stronger focus on independent letter formation. Book 2 covers pre-cursive writing skills and follows a similar double page layout. The emphasis on tracing is reduced; students are encouraged to form letters on there own without the aid of too much tracing. Books 3 and 4 both cover cursive and move to a single page layout for each letter of the alphabet. The remainder of the books is devoted to various writing activities and exercises that let students practice common letter combinations and words. Additional features include helpful teacher pages and review pages that allow for the assessment of student progress. Consumable, but not reproducible. - Enh

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