Word Benders

These word puzzle workbooks are packed with activities that feature subtle word changes that encourage students to look through the vocabulary they know and think of words or look them up to complete each puzzle. A word is displayed at the top of each page. Students will use part of that word to come up with a new word on the next line, based on a clue about which letters to keep and what the new word means. For example, if the top word is "rank," and the instructions are to get rid of the "r" and the clue is "to the bottom," the new word would be "sank." Then students would use part of the word "sank" to make a new word. Students work their way to the bottom of the page, solving the puzzles in this manner. Higher-level activities require changes in word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Each book includes brief teaching suggestions, practice activities, and answers. 38 reproducible activities in each book. ~ Rachel S.

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