Vocabulary Daily Skill Builders

This series provides lots of vocabulary practice and is designed to build upon itself everyday. Each page features two short, reproducible vocabulary activities arranged by topic and skill level, and the activities become progressively more challenging as students work through each book. Vocabulary words are introduced in groups of 10-12 words at a time, and four activities are included for each new group of words. First, the new words are defined. Then a variety of activities provides students with different ways to approach learning vocabulary. Students learn synonyms, antonyms, and homophones; explore multiple meanings for the same word; write present and past tenses of verbs; use singular and plural forms of nouns; and change adjectives to adverbs. Matching, fill-in-the-blank, writing definitions, and short writing exercises are some of the activities included. The last activity in each set provides practice in standardized test-taking formats to give students practice with this skill. Review pages are included to reinforce what students have learned. The daily, half page activities don't take long to complete but can make massive improvements in student vocabulary. Over 300 vocabulary words are included in each book, and each book supplies enough daily lessons for an entire school year if you do the one-a-day plan. A quick, easy-to-use supplement providing lots of vocabulary practice. 86 pgs, pb.

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