Adams' Chart or Map of History

Probably the best pre-printed timeline available to homeschoolers today, this is a visually and educationally amazing resource. The same basic timeline as the ever-so-popular but now out of print Wall Chart of World History, this one does have a few changes. First, it is bigger much bigger. Measuring 13" x 27" closed, this huge, horizontal timeline unfolds accordion style to an incredible 25 feet! Second, it starts in the same place (Creation: 4004 BC) buts ends sooner, in 1870 with the 19th president Rutherford Hayes. Third, this edition from Master Books has had all of the evolutionary content that was in the last couple editions of the Wall Chart removed (quite an improvement!). Fourth, the specific country timelines that had been on the reverse side of the timeline have also been removed. Apart from those four changes, this is still the same easy-to-follow, packed-with-information, chronologically-flowing timeline/wall chart that so many enjoy. It really does give the big picture of history, while at the same time focusing on a biblical world view. It is available in two formats: a durable, casebound edition and a "panels only" edition that would be perfect for the wall, since it comes without the cover. Yes, there is more. Both editions come with a handy 64-page key that gives information on how to read the chart and details the more prominent points and events in both biblical/Jewish and non-biblical history. The available teacher's guide helps you get the most out of this incredible resource. With an introduction and panel-by-panel overview, and activities for church, school, homeschool, or just plain interest, this time chart will be opened and all the more accessible. For those who are really keen, the teacher's guide also includes a table of higher order thinking skills of Blooms Taxonomy, and test pages with matching, multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and short answer questions. Answers are included.

I can tell you from experience that you will find this to be one of the most enriching, most satisfying, and most useful reference tools you could add to your homeschool library. ~ Zach

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