Core Skills: Spelling

This series by Steck-Vaughn is designed to "build spelling power and link spelling to word meaning." Lessons are mostly built around word lists containing similar sounds and patterns, but on the rare occasion, a word list based on word structure or a particular subject (homophones or abbreviations for example) is provided. At the first grade level, the first portion of the book does not provide formal word lists but instead focuses on familiarizing students with beginning and ending consonant sounds. Beginning at lesson 11, short word lists containing 6 words are introduced. Various exercises that promote the learning of common spelling patterns as well as vocabulary building are provided.

Starting at the second grade level, the remainder of the lessons follow the same general structure. The lesson's first exercise challenges the student to recognize the various spelling patterns for the lesson's word list. For example, in a list containing all long "o" words, students are asked to sort the words by the following spelling patterns: o-consonant-e words, ow words, oe words, and o words. Several vocabulary building exercises including analogies, definitions, rhymes, and synonyms are then provided. The last exercise encourages students to spell in context by filling in the correct spelling word in a story setting. Each book in the series contains 30 lessons. Word lists range in number from 12 words (with 3 challenge words) to 20 words (with 4 challenge words). A list of grade appropriate commonly misspelled words is also provided at the back of each book. 128 pgs, reproducible. ~ Enh

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