Spelling Power

Finding a homeschool spelling curriculum that works for your family can be a gargantuan task. Many of the spelling programs available are time-consuming, ineffective, expensive, or all three. These are the problems Beverly Adams-Gordon faced when she was searching for a spelling program for her daughter, who was having great difficulty in the subject. Finding nothing appropriate, she set out to create the best spelling program for struggling spellers that she possibly could.

For Spelling Teachers

Unlike many other homeschool spelling programs, Adams-Gordon provides all of the material that parents or teachers need to fully understand how the program works, all in one book. Teachers do not need to purchase a new book every year; the program can be used for children from age 8 until high school. The program includes several additional resources for teachers. The book itself has information on the most effective ways to teach spelling and extensive instructions for how to begin the program, as well as modifying it to support each student's learning style and abilities. Access to an online "Quick Start" video is also included for teachers who want to plunge right into the lessons. In addition, purchasing the program provides you with additional online resources, access to the Spelling Power website for extra support, and a subscription to the Spelling Power newsletter.

For Students Learning to Spell

One of the most attractive components of this program is its implementation in short daily increments. Adams-Gordon designed the lessons to last just 15 minutes per day. Each lesson begins with a quick five-minute test to check retention of previous lessons and introduce new words. The next five minutes are spent going over words the student misspelled, and the final five minutes focus on learning the new words. The lessons are rooted in phonics but also rely on spelling rules, making the program extremely effective.

Features of Spelling Power

  • Lessons are only 15 minutes a day
  • All-inclusive program covers age 8 through high school
  • Includes online access to Quick Start video and additional online resources
  • 330 pages
  • 5th edition

Spelling Power seeks to teach students of any learning style and ability how to spell the 5,000 most frequently used words. This comprehensive book contains everything you need to implement this spelling program, from teacher instruction to fun activities to boost mastery.

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